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Our story begins when Uncle Mike reads an email in which Auntie asks him for a divorce, much to his surprise. Puzzled that he can’t find one good reason for his wife to divorce him, he looks back to the screen and resumes reading the email….  “I am not the wife you deserve. Maybe someone who you can share all your plans and ideas with. Someone who supports all your endeavors. Someone not me. Someone with a giving heart like yours. Someone who helps everyone without judgment. Someone who is smart like you. I know I was good enough for you back then. Not anymore I don’t think. I need to make some changes with myself. I’m so confused and I hate feeling like this.”


For the last several years success in business has thrown applause and money their way. Travel, real estate, and the rich lifestyle quickly came up behind them. Sharing this wealth is what they do, but all of the cars, clothes, and travel that used to be mere dreams were now in their grasp. Price Tags were no bother – money made that possible. Now that the children were growing up, needing Merck less and less, she spent more time online buying and spending on purses, clothes and shoes, all of the things that had always eluded her. Rolls Royces might be nice but cannot fill the hole. Getting what you want does not make you happy. This was her condition, who could have imagined?


Uncle Mike knew a thing or two about spiritual bankruptcy himself having suffered from it for years. He knew that solution was in the sacrifice. The pursuit of selfish goals can never make anyone truly happy. Simply put, one has to sacrifice for the well being of others and upon this foundation stone of patience, tolerance and sacrifice a wonderful structure of purpose can be built.


Uncle Mike came home and hugged his “silly” wife as he fondly called her, and shared the solution.  He suggested that while health spas, facials, nails, and hair might make one feel better on the outside, it does nothing for the inner self. Only esteem-able acts can bring self esteem, like sacrificing for a common goal. “Rarely does anything worthwhile come easy,” Mike said and suggested that his wife sacrifice for something she has a passion for. He mentioned that she had a passion for fashion and should start there. She went to Michael’s (the fabric store), borrowed a sewing machine, and with the pattern she bought she made her first piece; then Maxly and Kristine joined in. Uncle Mike saw the magic and knew there was something there. By week’s end the three had designed, sourced material, created pieces, and sold them on Facebook. They were hungry but they knew little to nothing of the history of the civilized world of fashion itself.  New York City would solve that problem – off to the big Apple. It was then that the idea of making it to the New York Fashion Week Runway to showcase a new product line became the goal.