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Mercury grew up in the Philippines jungle, and was left for months on her own at 11 years old to care for her siblings. She grew up washing her clothes in the river because they had no water or electricity. As an adult, her unemployed husband’s womanizing and gambling forced her to leave her children and her home to work overseas to support her children as a live-in housemaid. She did this for 10 years, earning only $250 per month, and was only able to see her children once every two years for Christmas. Her children grew up and only knew her as a stranger, but the sacrifice allowed her to send money to feed and support them. Her children were often told “Mommie left them because she did not love them, if she did she would be here.” She is a Queen by all accounts. Tough Mama. Matriarch. Grit.

  1. Which designer(s) inspire you? Karl Lagerfeld
  2. Favorite Color: White
  3. What is your “go to” style? Structured
  4. Favorite footwear? Stiletto Heels
  5. Favorite accessories? Chanel Handbags
  6. Ultimate Fashion Bucket list? Cover of Vogue
  7. Mango vs Zara? Mango
  8. H&M vs Forever 21? H&M
  9. Steve Madden vs Aldo? Steve Madden
  10. Target vs Walmart? Target


The only child sent away from her family in the Philippines at 9 to an adopted family in the United States. She was all by herself half a world away from her brothers, sisters, mom, and dad. Quiet, cute, and funny, her playfulness and style makes her special as she is the opposite of her pal Maxly. Make no mistake about it, she barks and bites when someone crosses the line. Good Daughter.

  1. Which designer(s) inspire you? Vivienne Westwood
  2. Favorite Color: Purple
  3. What is your “go to” style? Baggy
  4. Favorite footwear? Platform anything
  5. Favorite accessories? Cute Tiny Purses
  6. Ultimate Fashion Dream? Attend a runway show with Blackpink
  7. Mango vs Zara? Zara
  8. H&M vs Forever 21? H&M
  9. Steve Madden vs Aldo? Steve Madden
  10. Target vs Walmart? Walmart


Came to America from poverty in the Philippines with his mom to join his dad in America, only to find out that his dad already had another family, leaving him at 9 in a foreign country with nowhere to go. He started hanging out with Auntie when he was 14.  He came out shortly thereafter and has been part of the family ever since. Naughty Boy.

  1. Which designer(s) inspire you? Dolce & Gabbana
  2. Favorite Color Black
  3. What is your “go to”  style?  Anything tight on the inside and flowy on the outside
  4. Favorite footwear? Versace boots
  5. Favorite accessories? Sunglasses
  6. Ultimate fashion dream? Coffee with Anna Wintour
  7. Mango vs Zara? Zara
  8. H&M vs Forever 21? H&M
  9. Steve Madden vs Aldo? Aldo
  10. Target vs Walmart? Targé


A loudmouth know-it-all that mistook fun for happiness and ended up losing everything to drugs and selfishness. He ended up in jails, locked wards, treatment centers, homeless and eating out of dumpsters. 18 years sober, a serial entrepreneur and Deadhead, Uncle Mike owns a $80M  manufacturing business he started 11 years ago. His patience is tested everyday as he watches the silliness and tries to direct the team to a successful mission. Grumpy Reality Check.    

  1. Which designer(s) inspire you? Wright Brothers
  2. Favorite Color black/white
  3. What is your “go to”  style?  White Shorts and black tee
  4. Favorite footwear? Ecco
  5. Favorite accessories? Extra cup holders
  6. Ultimate fashion dream? To produce clothes in the USA again.
  7. Mango vs Zara? What?
  8. H&M vs Forever 21? Who?
  9. Steve Madden vs Aldo? When?
  10.  Target vs Walmart? Brooks Brothers



Uncle Mike’s right hand man. A driver and confidant, well read and knowledgeable assistant. A quiet killer. He gets it done with no fanfare and without hesitation. A former drug addict who spent many years homeless and couch surfing. Genius.


A longtime friend and fellow crack addict who Mike took in 13 years ago. Mark is a fix it guy. Pumps, faucets, HVAC and pools are his specialty. Also he quits everything at 12 noon for lunch. Very pragmatic. Avid golfer and pain in Mike’s ass. They are inseparable although they can drive each other nuts. Jokester.


A newcomer to the clan, he is a guy who has to listen to old farts telling him he is doing it wrong no matter what he does. They can’t shake his spirit no matter how much they try. It is this redeeming quality that earns their respect. His commitment and loyalty and just won’t quit attitude is a bright spot for them. Newbie.


They come as a package. They have never separated since they got married. Ever. Not for a minute nor night. Their wild fashions and dress and outgoing positive personality is a breath of fresh air. Here are two people that are living the American dream as immigrants. He is an Italian from Brazil and she is a demanding dame from Budapest, Hungary. They are hot shot realtors and great friends who love to party. Dynamic Duo.


A quick and sharp 9 year old girl with all of the trappings of a performer waiting to shine. Dance, song, piano, or gymnastics awaits this little cantankerous at times 9 year old going on 26 sensation to be. She inserts herself into the narrative like a seasoned actress demanding a close up. Cheeky Innocence.


A 10 year old autistic boy whose smiles and imaginations float him through his days. He is a very intelligent specimen with a devious nature to his shenanigans, often being caught trying to download gaming favors. He smiles, is non-confrontative, and struggles communicating with others, thus doesn’t have many friendships yet. Bargaining Bouncing Boy.